Traditional Braces
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Beautiful woman smiling after getting braces at Newport Smiles Dental Spa in Costa Mesa, CATraditional braces caught popularity very fast as an effective way of correcting a multitude of dental problems. Though many modern alternatives have now arrived, which are slightly more pleasing to look at, traditional braces are still quite popular among some. Though caring for braces can be slightly tricky, it is a blessing for those who want to have a more aesthetically pleasing smile and a non-invasive method of correcting many dental problems that arise later.

Dentists at Newport Smiles Dental Spa let the patient choose what kind of braces they want to opt for. Patients now have the option of many different types of braces such as ceramic braces and Invisalign. The dentists advise them about what would be right for their smile and their pocket, and let the decision rest on them.

What are Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces are metal brackets that are adhered to your teeth. The wire circles around your teeth, and keep them aligned, slowly and gradually pushing them in the position that they should be in.

Advantages of Traditional Braces

•  They are amazingly effective. Whether you are getting them for making your smile more aesthetic or for treating more underlying medical problems, they get the job done.
•  Traditional braces are the cheapest option of the lot. Though many other alternatives have surfaced, they are all pretty expensive. Traditional braces remain the most economical option for those on a budget.
•  Appropriate for Kids: Many modern aligners are removable, which means the treatment is largely dependent on your commitment to wearing them. Many young children cannot be trusted to be that responsible, so traditional braces are the best option for them, as they are fixed in place and cannot be removed.

How To Take Care of Braces

•  Avoid certain food that can get stuck in the metal wiring of your braces and potentially damage them, hurting you in the process. Foods such as candies, jerkies, and caramels can get stuck in your braces and be hard to remove. Certain fruits and vegetables also should be eaten only after being cut up appropriately.
•  Take Care of Your Hygiene: Brushing and flossing are just as necessary but quite tricky when you have braces. Your dentist may prescribe you a special kind of brush that lets you clean your teeth and enter small crevices without causing any damage to the braces. Your dentist will help you learn the correct way.
•  Follow up With Your Dentist: You will need to pay your dentist a few visits during the period of time you have your braces on. The dentist will set regular visits with you to inspect and observe the condition of your braces and how much progress there has been. They might accordingly tell you when would be the right time to remove the braces.

Do Traditional Braces Work?

Oh, yes, indeed. Traditional braces work very well, in fact. They are used to treat crooked teeth, a misaligned bite, jaw problems, and a plethora of other dental issues. Though they take their time and might be a hassle to handle, the end result is almost always guaranteed. It is clear that traditional braces are here to stay for quite some time. If you want a solution to your dental problems, you could consider getting traditional braces as well. Book a consultation with Renata Adames, DDS by calling our office at (949) 226-6636.

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