What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a special dentistry branch that deals with straightening misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, or malocclusions. Orthodontic specialists can help manage abnormal positioning of the teeth, jaws, and face. The misaligned teeth can cause eating or speech problems. In such cases, orthodontic procedures can slowly alter the teeth' positioning to make them straighter and more aligned.  

Orthodontics treatment can also provide cosmetic procedures to get a dazzling smile. Malocclusion or a bad bite that may be congenital or obtained through injury has to be treated to avoid problems in the long run.

What are the advantages of orthodontic treatments?

Orthodontic procedures are very effective in the following cases:

  • These procedures help close the gaps between the teeth.
  • It mends improper bites.
  • The crooked teeth can be straightened.
  • The oral functions such as eating and speech can be rectified.
  • It can ensure that your teeth and jaw are properly aligned.
  • These procedures can reduce the risk of dental cavities, which occur due to the accumulation of food particles between the teeth.
  • The risk of gum injury and trauma caused by overbites and malocclusions is reduced.
  • They help prevent the diseases of the teeth.
  • An improved appearance can be achieved by opting for cosmetic correction procedures.

What are the most common orthodontic procedures?

Traditional Braces: Traditional metal braces are the most common type of orthodontic treatment. Most children and teenagers opt for this treatment to get a set of perfectly aligned teeth. Metal braces comprise a series of brackets attached directly to your teeth and are linked by wires. These wires will help pull the teeth into their correct position. The orthodontist will tighten or adjust the wires according to the movement of the teeth. The entire procedure may take a couple of months or years, depending on the situation.

Retainers: A retainer is a removable device used for patients who have had tooth realignment treatment. It helps maintain the new shape of the teeth. A retainer is prescribed to prevent the teeth from shifting back to their original position and to keep the bite corrected.

Invisalign: These are aligners that are virtually invisible to the normal eye. It is an orthodontic procedure that straightens the teeth without using metal, normally used in traditional braces. Invisalign is a sequence of customized, clear braces that cover your mouth and gently pull the teeth into the desired position over a span of time. It offers a discreet and subtle method to obtain perfectly aligned teeth.

Lingual Braces: They are very similar to the traditional braces as they are attached to the teeth and correct improper alignment. The orthodontist will fix the lingual brace by attaching the brace brackets to the teeth' back to hide them from view. With these braces, a straight smile can be achieved without being self-conscious about wearing them.

Orthodontic Elastics: These are a special variety of rubber bands combined with braces to help treat jaw problems or tooth alignment. These bands improve your bite and fasten up the tooth alignment process by pulling your jaws forward or backward as per the need.

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